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The East Coast is known for its beautiful skiing, and it’s no wonder why people flock there. Despite the wet snow and ice, the East Coast’s ski resorts still perform well against those in the West.


Killington Resort

Located in Vermont, the resort known as “The Beast of the East” has six mountains. One of these is Pico Mountain, which can be accessed via a shuttle bus. You’ll find varied terrain and activities such as sledding and tubing there. Besides being one of the best places to ski in the East, Killington also has some of the best nightlife in the region.


There are plenty of lodging options in the base areas close to the slopes. The resort’s access road leads to numerous dining and drinking establishments. Due to its location, it can be hard to navigate between the resort’s different areas. There is also a public transportation system between the resort and Rutland, around 20 minutes away.


Sugarbush Resort

Sugarbush is a great place to enjoy great skiing without the crowds. It features extensive terrain and wooded areas for everyone. Mt Ellen and Lincoln Peak are connected by a pair of detachable quad trails. In Lincoln Peak Village, you’ll find a variety of dining options and luxury accommodations close to the slopes.


Getting around the resort is easy with the free bus service between the base areas and nearby areas. The access road leads to various lodging options, and the nearby town of Waitsfield is served by bus.



The Whiteface is a great place for advanced skiers and riders. It features a variety of diverse terrain and activities, and it’s also known for its unique off-piste areas. One of these is The Slides, which is an inbounds area that only opens when the conditions are safe. Some people refer to the resort as Iceface due to the unfavorable weather conditions and the questionable snow quality.


No accommodation is available in the two main base areas. If you’re looking for shopping, lodging, and dining options, Lake Placid is a great choice. It’s around 15 minutes away from the resort, and you’ll be able to find various attractions and activities, such as the Olympic Jumping Complex.


Mont Tremblant

The French-speaking resort of Mont Tremblant is known for its colorful and festive atmosphere. It features 102 trails that are ideal for everyone. It also has plenty of activities for families, such as a ski school and ice skating centers. During the weekends, it can be crowded with daytrippers.


The pedestrian village of Mont Tremblant features a variety of shops, hotels, and restaurants. It’s also one of the few ski areas in the East that has nightlife that’s worth noting. Although accommodations near the slopes can be very expensive, it’s easy to reach the village with the resort shuttle.