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David Krulewich


About David Krulewich

David Krulewich is an entrepreneur and executive who has spent his career developing a thriving media and entertainment network. David is exceptionally proficient with analytics and research, in addition to his all-inclusive leadership style. He received his digital media accreditation from the prominent Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and he is proficient in audience research tools such as Nielson, comScore, and Hitwise. David also has expert-level CRM knowledge of content marketing tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Admiral, Savannah, and Lighthouse.

David was the co-founder of Audiology, which began as a Pandora/iHeartMedia collaboration. David led the successful sale of Audiology to Katz Media Group less than two years after launching the company and is responsible for its climb to one of America’s biggest podcast and digital audio marketplace. He also served as Senior Vice President and Head of Sales, which was perfect for David, who has been a telecommunications enthusiast since he was in college. Currently, David Krulewich is the Chief Revenue Officer of Audiohook, a leading media and technology company.

After high school, David obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications from Penn State University, one of the top 20 schools in the country for studying Communications. From there, he began his career and has skyrocketed to success ever since.

While working in New York, during his first foray into the world of digital media and sales,  David took the opportunity to work at 24/7 Real Media, where he expanded his media relationships and absorbed more about the industry. David’s consultative selling style involved the in-house media planning department, and he began perfecting his all-inclusive management style of leadership.

David’s consultative selling style involved the in-house media planning department, and he began perfecting his all-inclusive management style of leadership.

David Krulewich built strategic connections with local agencies and third-party distributors while working for Interclick (later bought by Yahoo!). David was an instant natural leader in his own squad. David expanded his network of advertisers and other key stakeholders in the digital sales and marketing business.

In addition to conquering the world of digital sales and marketing over the past decade, David Krulewich is a local and national fitness inspiration. As the father of three children, David made the decision to take charge of his fitness after finding himself out of shape, and he enlisted the aid of a personal trainer who helped him lose 52 pounds within six months. Although he likes variety in his workouts, David is a serious cyclist and marathon runner these days. Another benefit is sharing his healthy knowledge with his children and joining them in their activities. One of his favorite leisure activities is coaching his son’s soccer team. 

In addition to coaching, David is a generous philanthropist and gives back to his beloved community of Fairfield, CT, whenever possible. Not only does he volunteer his resources, but David also volunteers his time, something which is in short supply these days.

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